Monday, April 3, 2017

Training Through Injuries

I recently fell when I was running and I broke a bone in my hand.  I was one week from an ultra marathon that I had been training for.  I had fully intended to still run the marathon until I went to see the orthopedic doctor on Tuesday.  My race was Saturday and I told the doctor I didn’t want a cast so that I could run the race.  I mean I still had healthy legs and feet…..right?  He quickly brought me to reality when he said that the bone I broke in my hand was the worst bone in the body to break.  Apparently it gets very little blood flow and healing is very slow and running 12 hours was a very bad idea.  He said in fact you shouldn’t be running at all for a while.  He said if the bone
The culprit who tripped me Cash!
separated more I was looking at surgery, which for this injury is not very successful.
  If he was trying to scare me he certainly did because my career as a massage therapist was more important to me than running.  So for this runner, triathlete I was devastated.  I was put in a cast and told not to run and I clearly couldn’t swim in fact teaching my spin class was even hard at first.  When this happened I was in amazing running shape and felt like I would have had a great race.  I didn’t want to lose my fitness so I decided to do the elliptical everyday.  I kept my arm in a sling so I wasn’t moving it at all.  I had another race planned in several months so I figured 3-4 weeks off of running and doing the elliptical would have to do.  I hated the elliptical but I did it everyday up to 90 minutes some days.  I also did strength training for my lower body only.  I was back to running in 3 weeks and when I started running I felt as if I never stopped.  I was back up to running 50 miles a week in just about 3 weeks. 
Many times when people get injured they get depressed and don’t do anything.  You have to be creative but in many cases there is something you can do.  If you injure your foot then you can probably do deep-water running to maintain your fitness.  I was also able to do the recumbent bike when I injured my hand.  Most importantly don’t get frustrated and be creative. 

Train Hard.  Have Fun.  Recover Well.
Coach Cyndee

Thursday, March 2, 2017

10 Foods To Avoid If You Want To Be Healthy

We all strive to do better when it comes to our food choices.  Something very easy for you to do is to make sure you NEVER buy these foods again and if you do have them at home you should throw them out! Whenever you eat always think about the nutritional value of the food.  Think about how it will benefit your body and these 10 foods will not benefit you in any way!
  1. Boxed cereal - even the so-called healthy cereal is usually crap so just avoid this isle in the grocery store.  Most times it contains added sugar and if you examine the label you will probably not understand half of the ingredients.  Most people eat cereal with milk which is another product I would avoid like the plague.  Milk contains so many gross thinks such as antibiotics, hormones, bacteria, and pus.  It is also very hard for many people to digest milk because of the lactose sugar.  Milk can also cause people prone to allergies and asthma to produce too much mucus.  Stick to oatmeal instead of cereal and instead of milk add unsweetened almond, rice or coconut milk if you need anything added to your oatmeal. 
  2. Crackers/Chips - these are just empty calories without nutritional value.  If you need something crunchy then make yourself kale chips, at least you will get some vitamins.  Crackers and chips contain hydrogenated oils which cause inflammation in the body.  
  3. Bacon - I know it's only 45 calories a strip, but it is really high in fat, sodium, and the preservative sodium nitrate.  It causes inflammation and doesn't contain much nutritional value. 
  4. Cheese - it's high in sodium and fat and very low in nutritional value other than calcium.  Cows are feed too many antibiotics which are passed on in the cheese.  
  5. Soda/gatorade/juice - all sugary drinks should be avoided.  Most people consume way too much sugar and these drinks contain very little nutritional value.  
  6. Frozen meals - even the so-called healthy frozen meals still have added preservatives and because you have to microwave it they lose a lot of the nutritional value they may have had.
  7. Lunch meat - Because of the processing they go through most lunch meats are packed with extra sodium as well as nitrates. There are plenty of reasons to take a pass on lunch meats, or at least to read the labels before you buy in order to make sure that you are getting meat that isn’t loaded with fillers and additives. 
  8.  White rice/white noodles/white bread - avoid all of these they don't contain much nutritional value and are highly processed.  
  9. Yogurt - while not all yogurt is unhealthy a lot of it has added sugar which causes a host of problems from diabetes to chronic inflammation.  Yogurt is also like milk and is very bad for allergy and asthma sufferers because it produces mucus.  
  10. Dried fruit - you may think this is healthy but its a very concentrated form of sugar and its very easy to sit and eat an entire bag of dried apricots or mangos which can contain more than 100 grams of sugar!  Many products even have added sugar which is completely over the top!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Run For Fido Important Update

As race day grew closer I was feeling confident in my effort to run 12-hours and 55-60 miles while raising almost $3,000 for the Nevada SPCA.  A week before the race, while on a training run, I fell and broke a bone in my hand/wrist.  I was upset but figured heck its my hand I can at least still run.  That was until I went to see the orthopedic doctor and he said I broke the worst possible bone in my body and the hardest bone to heal properly because of low blood flow to that area.  He was very adamant that I should not run the 12-hour run this weekend or run at all for about month to prevent further damage to the bone.  If I don’t listen to him I run the risk of needing surgery, which is a very difficult surgery to do and recover from.  Needless to say I am not running this weekend or at all for at least a month. 

Run For Fido is not dead since I have a 56-mile run I was planning to do in June.  I will continue my fundraising efforts through June and that race.  The good news is that I have more time to meet my financial goal of $3,000.  You can still follow my adventure on my Run For Fido Facebook page and lets face it this has really turned into quite an adventure!

Thank you for those who have donated and supported me, I will be running in no time at all.  The dogs, NSPCA, and I appreciate your support.  If you know me well you know my determination is relentless!

Thank You!
Coach Cyndee

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Simple Tips To Staying Safe When Running

For the most part running is a relatively safe sport, but there can be a few things to be aware of.  If your like me most of your running is done alone.  I am usually running with my dogs but not always another human.  Over the past 20 years of running I can honestly say I have only had a few scary things happen but it only takes one bad situation to put you in danger.  Most of my scary situations involved off leashed dogs rather than people.  In either case carrying a few essentials could save your life or the life of your pet if your dog is running with you.  A few years back I was out early with my dogs and several off leash dogs attacked my dogs.  My dog that wasn't friendly with other dogs (except my other dog, she loved him) fought back and didn't get hurt but my other dog Tigger wasn't a fighter and they attacked him.  I was helpless and couldn't get the dogs off him for what seemed like forever but I'm sure was only seconds.  If I  would have had my stun gun I think I could have kept them back because many dogs are terrified just from the sound of it.  Needless to say I carry one now along with mace.  
Here are some safety tips for you when you are running:

  • Carry mace or pepper spray.

  • Carry stun gun and/or whistle/noise maker.
  • Use a leash that goes around your waist so your hands are free if you run with your dogs.  Always keep your dog on leash, you never know if other dogs may not be friendly and don't want your dog running up to another dog or chasing after a rabbit or chipmunk.  
  • Carry your phone for emergencies.  I use a small hydration pack that my phone fits in.
  • Keep music turned down so you are more aware of your surroundings and if its dark don't use headphones.
  • Wear reflective gear if you're running in the dark and make sure your dog has it too.
  • If its dark outside try and stay on busier well lit streets.
  • If you encounter an off leash dog most times a loud foot stomp and NO will keep them away but always stop running if you see one because they may want to chase you.  
  • Change up your running routine by running at different times and taking different routes.
  • Always let someone know when you're headed out for a run.
  • Run with Fido, strangers don't know if your dog is friendly or not so you may be less of a target if you have a dog with you.  My dog doesn't like strangers and will bark if someone comes too close.  Most people stay far away from me if she's barking!                                              
Running is an easy way to stay in shape.  Just make sure you and your pet stay safe when doing it.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Easy Steps To Reduce Stress

Stress can wreak havoc on your body both mentally and physically.  Stress can lead to a host of medical problems that could potentially lead you to a doctor or hospital visit.  It can cause a host of problems that you don't want.

Stress can cause:
  • anxiety
  • rapid heart rate
  • weight gain or weight loss
  • headaches
  • muscle tension
  • ulcers
  • stomach distress
  • heart burn
  • over/under eating
  • poor nutritional choices
Take these simple steps to reduce the stress in your life:
  • Try sticking to a schedule and planning your day/week in advance.
  • Get up 15 minutes earlier than normal so you can have some quiet time and aren't rushing to get out the door.  Maybe use this time for meditation or whatever relaxes you.
  • Do something you have always wanted to do but just haven't taken action to do it. If you have been thinking about volunteer work then do it.  If you have wanted to take a class then do it.  Do something for yourself that you want to do.
  • Add de-stressing aromatherapy to your life.  Lavender, Chamomile, Frankincence, Rose, and Vanilla are all good to reduce stress. You can use them in a diffuser or apply them to the back of your neck or temples.  If you use them on the skin you can dilute them with a carrier oil such as almond or grapeseed oil.  
  • Reduce the time you spend with toxic people.  We all know them and have them in our life, they are people who are full of negativity.  Limit the time you spend with these people as much as possible.  At first it might be hard and you might feel guilty but in the end they will likely find someone else to complain to.  
  • Quit procrastinating, get organized, and just do it.  If you let things pile up then you will get stressed out.  An example is my laundry.  I have lots of laundry because I workout two times a day and I do massage so I always have to wash massage sheets.  I have to do at least two loads a day or it would pile up and that would stress me out.  
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help.  If you are very overwhelmed then turn to a loved one or friend and ask them to help you out with some things so you can get caught up.  Once you get caught up then pay attention to the previous tip and don't procrastinate just get things done.  
  • Try a yoga class they are relaxing, and good for you.
  • Take a bath with some of the essential oils mentioned above for reducing stress or better yet try some of my epsom salts with essential oils for reducing stress. 
  • Schedule a massage at least once a month. 
  • Try drinking herbal teas to relax.  You can find some that are specifically for relaxing and stress. Passionflower and Chamomile are two that are good for stress and anxiety.  
  • Get adequate sleep every night.  Don't try and catch up on the weekend because this doesn't work you will feel run down and more stressed.  Getting enough sleep will help you feel refreshed and think clearly to get things accomplished.  
Stress is very dangerous for your body and continued stress over years will lead to a lot of health problems.  Try accomplishing one of these tips each month and it won't seem so overwhelming.  Good Luck! 

Coach Cyndee

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

My Top 10 Holiday Gifts For The Exercise Enthusiast

If you have someone on your shopping list for the holidays that is an exercise enthusiast here are some suggestions for some unique gift ideas!
  1. A fitness or activity tracker.  Most people who workout regularly would love one of these if they do not already have one.  The Fitbit and Garmin are both top rated activity trackers.  
  2. Lumo Run and Lumo Lift are products that are fun and helpful for running and everyday life.  Lumo Run helps you work on your running form while Lumo Lift helps you correct your posture throughout the day.  They can be found at
  3. Recovery tools such as a foam roll, the stick, Compex - muscle stimulator Compex
  4. Gift certificates from companies such as Lululemon or REI are always a great choice!
  5. A nice water bottle such as Hydroflask.  These are great but slightly expensive so people don't typically splurge on something like this for themselves so they are great to give as a gift.  
  6. FlipBelt. This belt fits snugly to the waist and can hold all of your workout necessities (iPhone/iPod, cash, and keys). The moisture-wicking spandex-lycra blend ensures it will stay put during the most active workouts.
  7. Portable or at home exercise equipment such as TRX Suspension Training, exercise bands, or a weight block that has multiple weights in one block.  
  8. Safety gear for the outdoor person is always a good bet.  Items like Road ID help identify a person in case of an accident if they are out biking, running or hiking.  Reflective gear is great for the person who is biking, running or walking in the dark hours. 
  9. Gift certificates for a sports massage is always a great bet.  Not many people don't like a massage.  If you want to make it unique get them a massage such as a Thai Massage something they have not tried before.  Don't forget the best massage therapist in Las Vegas is ME! And I do Thai Massage it is a great massage for athletic people because it is a lot of stretching and compressions.  
  10. Every year I sell a ton of my Recovery Salts for Christmas.  These are great for people who workout a lot.  They contain Epsom Salt and essential oils.  I also have blends that contain Dead Sea Salt and Epsom Salt with the essential oils.  They are great for sore muscles and relaxation. Coach Cyndee Recovery Salts

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Stay Healthy In The Fall and Spring With Wellness Formula

It never fails in the spring and fall people seem to fall victim to a sinus infection, cold, flu, or upper respiratory infection.  The change of season seems to trigger some type of immune response that lowers peoples resistance and makes them vulnerable to these infections or viruses.  I have been fortunate and rarely fall victim to these illnesses.  If I do catch something it usually doesn't get me down for long.  Its not that I have a super charged immune system its a combinations of several things.

  • the right supplements
  • adequate sleep
  • a good diet
  • proper hydration
  • low stress
  • limiting alcohol 

An important part of my fall and spring immune boosting program is to take a product called Wellness Formula by Source Naturals.  This product is a great formula designed to boost your immune system. It has a combination of 30 powerful ingredients designed to help you boost your immune system.  I usually start taking it in September and continue for several months.  I start again in spring around March when my allergies come around.  Allergies can lower your immune system and make you vulnerable to infections or viruses.  I only take 1 tablet a day unless I feel like I am getting sick then I bump it up to 2-3 a day.  If I do feel like I am getting sick I try and catch it with the very first symptoms.  If I feel just a little off I will take action because if you wait too long its too hard to keep it at bay.  Some of the beginning symptoms of getting sick with cold or flu can be:

  • unusual or excessive fatigue
  • headache 
  • muscle aches
  • scratchy throat or even unusually dry throat
  • elevated heart rate
  • runny nose/stuffy nose
  • sneezing 
  • shortness of breath
If I feel like I am getting sick I also take zicam and emergenC at the first signs that something is off.  Keep in mind that your diet will help keep your immune system healthy.  Eating lots of antioxidant rich foods will help you stay healthy.  Limit alcohol because drinking too much will dehydrate you and lower your immune system.  Another thing that will help keep your immune system healthy is getting enough sleep.  Lack of sleep is a problem for so many people and can lead to unhealthy weight gain and lowered immune system which make you more susceptible to illness.  

Be Healthy and Stay Well!